Friday, November 12, 2004

C.W. Movers and other stuff...

No, I didn't drop off of the face of the earth. I'm still here. Almost in one piece. And the past month or so has been insane, even by my standards.

We were officially evicted at the end of September. Sheriff came to the door and everything. The managers had filed the actual eviction over a month before, stating vandalism of the apartment as the reason. Because of the water damage and mold from the leak. I was fighting it, but then my middle child ended up in the hospital from asthma that was exacerbated by the mold. My attorney advised me not to go back. So the night after my child got out of the hospital, my oldest child and I rented a U-Haul and moved everything we could. I got my washer and dryer, most of the other stuff we'd managed to pack, but the mold remediation people the lawyer hired wouldn't let me take my furniture, stuffed animals, alot of stuff. So my lawyer is fighting the eviction and suing on behalf of my daughter - hoping to get her medical costs reimbursed and the cost of my stuff too. He actually told me not to worry as "They'll be buying you a house, sweetie. Don't sweat this. The only question you need to worry about is how many bedrooms you want." I sure wish this guy did Family law.

My eldest and I packed everything we took in Hefty Bags - just like the Crack Whores do!!! We were so proud of ourselves for getting everything out we decided that we'd start our own moving company - C.W. movers. Out motto is "We don' need no stinkin' men."

Now I'm living with my mom - a good thing all around really since I can take care of her and I don't have to worry about paying bills for awhile. The worst thing - I don't have my own room - I'm sharing with my two youngest kids. Bummer. I also have no place to put my clothes. Currently they are piled (though neatly folded) in a box in the corner. And even if I did have a dresser, I wouldn't have any room for it. Oh well, only temporary.

I also got pulled to full time. Yay!!!! So we'll be out of here even sooner than I thought. Maybe not directly into the house the apartment people are going to buy us, but at least I'll have my own room. I'm going to put a little away for furniture every payday as now I have none. And then I'll have all my new stuff delivered directly to my new place. A girl can dream, can't she?

Now I'm off to bed - hopefully I'll update the basket cases soon. Just managed to finally get my computer set up and phone line run into the room. Yep - mom only has one phone jack in the entire house.....