Saturday, October 01, 2005

All Grown Up

My baby is growing up. She finally decided to get her ears pierced. When my girls are five, I allow them to get their ears pierced if they want. My eldest went the day after her birthday. My middle child, now nine, still won't go through with it. And my youngest, at seven-and-a-half, got it done yesterday.

She was a little freaked out, and was whining about it was going to hurt. Then she realized that the earrings were already in, and started laughing. She feels so grown up now.

I'm doing really well on knitting the sweater - finished one sleeve and started on the other. I had to make a run to Wal-Mart last night at midnight-ish because I couldn't find the fun-fur I was using on the cuffs. Fortunately, they had plenty and I also picked up some other junk I needed, like minutes for my cell phone and a new headset (as the last one fell out of the car at some point and I didn't realize it until two days later.)

Yesterday we made a little trip to the LYS, and saw a pack of really cool looking stitch markers for $35. There were five in a pack. Last night we made some, even better, and I spent about $10 on everything. So if anybody wants some fancy-schmancy stitch marker, gimme a holler (as we say here in the South) and I'll hook you up.