Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Misc. Homeschool Stuff

I've gotten some emails from other parents of PDD-NOS and Autistic kids wondering what we are doing for school since I pulled my daughter out of the government school system. Here is a little quick breakdown of what we're up to.

We homeschool through a wonderful cover group here in Alabama that is very relaxed. Hard to find in our state. Since we can only do this under a "church cover school" it is hard to find one that is inexpensive, doesn't demand I keep detailed records of every minute and complicated lesson plans, and won't make me sign a statement of faith which will reject me because I am a single mother with a job. I love our cover school, and if you want info please email me.

For curriculum, the basis of our day is The Prairie Primer. It takes us about two or three days to cover one day in the Primer, and I leave some of the suggested activities out. Instead of the reports suggested in the Primer, we make lapbook sections. My daughter loves this, as it is very hands-on and visual, and writing a report completely overwhelms her. Instead of writing about things, she draws or pastes in pictures.

For math we use Math-U-See. Math is no longer such a battle since the curriculum is manipulative based. She watches the DVD with me at the start of each week, and we work through one worksheet a day. So far we have done one unit a week. I started her in the Gamma book, even though by grade level she should have been in Delta. This has been good for her, because the work is easy at this point, and we are reinforcing stuff she was weak on to begin with.

Grammar - she actually doesn't mind. We are using Winston Grammar, also a manipulative based program. We work through two or three sentences every day. She can actually differentiate between a noun and a verb now. Progress!!!

Everything else is lapbooks. We are currently doing Pioneers, Horses, and Jesus. We have completed The California Gold Rush. I just downloaded Remarkable Women and hope to start using it soon. Props to Homeschool eStore. Every week they have a different freebie to download, and their prices are great. I could still manage to go broke there though.

Hopefully I will be able to post some pics of completed stuff soon. Until then, please enjoy this pic of the Amazing Grandbaby from Easter....