Monday, February 13, 2006

In memoriam

One of my neighbors hit my dog this morning. I was running out in the street to get her, and instead of slowing down, or stopping, they just sped up. They didn't even stop after they hit her. Fortunately she died instantly, and didn't suffer.

She was my sweet baby - I rescued her from the pound - she was literally on death row because she was older, and she was "unsociable." The handlers at the pound couldn't handle her without her snapping. The day I came in, she ran up to the cage door as soon as I walked in. She acted like she had known me all of her life. Of course I brought her home - and she was wonderful. She was already housebroken, though if she had to go REALLY bad and nobody was home, she would go in the bathroom. She wasn't a yappy dog, but she would sometimes bark at the cats or noises outside. We would occasionally give her pizza crusts, which she would hide in various places around the house and protect. She never ate them, but she took good care of them.

She was also really good with the baby - she would let the baby pet her, though she did growl a little once or twice. We weren't worried about her biting though - she had no teeth. She used to sleep curled up next to me, and if I was ever sad or lonely she would curl up in my lap. She also liked to lay on my yarn while I was knitting, and was constantly getting tangled up.

I am going to miss her so much - I don't even know what to do. I have lost other pets before, but I guess this is just so sudden, and so senseless. I'm at work, and I went to school this morning, but I'm still in shock. I know she was "just a dog" but she was MY dog, and she still had several good years ahead of her.

I love you, Miss Kitti, and I miss you.


Ryan said...

I just came across your blog this morning when I was going through some of the sites on the Knitting Olympics list. I haven't commented anywhere else but your sad entry just cries out for someone to tell you sorry, so sorry. I am so mad at your neighbor I could scream.

My thoughts are with you, even though you don't know me and I don't know you. Sometimes, in the end, that's what blogging is all about.

Heide said...

I am so sorry to hear about your friend. Where we live it's illegal to hit a domestic animal and keep going... although people do it all of the time. I'm glad that she was able to spend the last part of her life in a good home with people who loved her.

elewa said...

I'm really, really sorry. I know what is to lose such a good friend as Miss Kitti was for you. Yes, people say that "it's just a dog", but you can't avoid suffer. Now you have to think in all the great moments Miss Kitti gave you.

Janey said...

My heart-felt sympathies.

I have also suffered a similar loss recently. We had to put Cocoa down a few days ago due to a tumour on her liver.
It's very hard to concentrate on knitting when you "hear" doggy toenails on the floor, and you have no vision because of the tears in your eyes.

I am determined to finish my Knitting Olympics scarf - first time lace-knitting for me - in memoriam.
(And now I'm crying again - it's the first time I've said/written that intention "out loud".)

Sorry for you and your loss,
Janey from Nova Scotia