Saturday, March 04, 2006

The medal stand

Yes, I cried as I stood on the medal stand and heard the National Anthem. All the blood, sweat and tears were worth it as I accepted my medal for Team DPN and for my country.

I'd like to dedicate this medal to my teachers, who had such boring classes I could sit in the back and knit, to my children, who didn't bother me too much. In spite of having to work, study, and provide basic care for my children and grandchild. In spite of having my wisdom teeth pulled, my dog eating my yarn, and the kittens in the house turning it all into a hue mess, in spite of needing sleep and food, I managed to make it.

I learned alot about my knitting through all this. I had picked a simple project because of everything I knew was going on in my life, but I think I underestimated myself. As a result of this, I have attempted my very first cable. I have re-organized my knitting stuff to make it more user-friendly, and less "pretty-looking". I have realized that I can do way more than I thought - and that it's good for my kids when I knit, because I'm actually sitting in the room with them instead of running around the house trying to catch up on all the housework I miss when I'm at work and school. Yes, the house is a disaster. But you know what? It's always a disaster. 10 minutes after I clean it's a mess again. Maybe I need to accept this as my BML (base messiness level) and just deal with it.

I have decided that knitting time is valuable time, and that I will try to make time to knit at least a couple of times a day. It doesn't matter if I have a bunch of UFOs. I will knit because I love it, and I will enjoy the process.

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