Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Stalling Out

I have been so useless this past week. I've gone to work and school, but have done nothing useful around the house, and my studying has dropped to absolute zero. I have spring fever soooooo bad. And I'm not even going to go on vacation or anything - I'll actually be working extra. But I will be off of school, and those blessed three days I don't have to work will be spent sleeping late as I won't have to get the kids up for school either.

If blogger weren't being such a pain - I have some great pics of the baby. She's actually crawling now, and pulling to standing. So cute - and she's teething too. People keep asking me how often she's up at night - and I have no idea. I love being a grandmother.

Had to frog the hat down to the band - another picture I can't upload right now. I had knitted it with the cable facing out instead of in. Bassackwards. I discovered this as I started making the decreases for the crown. I'm knitting with Lion suede on plastic Lion Brand needles. Very squeaky. I can only knit so much before I have to quit because it makes my teeth hurt. Why do I not et some bamboo or balene (my favorite!) needles to knit on to avoid the squeaking? Because I took this up as a stash-buster project and wouldn't buying new needles defeat the purpose of knitting something to use up stuff i already have? No?? Guess in the morning after clinicals I'll stop by the LYS and pick up some squeak-free needles.

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