Monday, February 26, 2007

Beautiful Feet

Last night we went out to dinner with my daughter, Mr. Wonderful, and the Amazing Grandbaby. We had a surprisingly good time, even though the service was painfully slow. Our server kept a good attitude though, and we made a point to speak to the manager about how much we liked him, and what a good job he did. We also left him a nice tip. He had 4 large parties, including ours, and two of the other parties complained. The kitchen was also screwing up royally. Totally not his fault, but he still got the blame for it. It was also Sunday night, so he had the after church crowd. Christians are the worst customers on earth. I noticed the table next to ours had left a tract that looks like money as a tip. Only a tract that looks like money. And they were very rude and demanding, left their table a mess, and complained loudly about everything. When we walked in with the grandbaby the mom was heard to comment "Oh, GREAT!!! Another screaming brat!!!" Little did she know there was more chance of my 10yr old screaming than the baby. Anyway.....
I let the amazing Grandbaby play with my phone for a bit as we were gathering everything up to leave. She took this wonderful picture. I think she has a future as a photographer.

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