Monday, February 12, 2007

I'll Never

I love my oldest child. She is as beautiful as she is smart, is a valued employee at both her jobs, and is a wonderful mother. And she is also a good source of humor.

When she was 14 she made a point of telling me how she would never leave dishes in the sink, would never pile up laundry, etc. She was constantly criticizing my housekeeping, while doing nothing to help out. One day she was on a rant about what a horrible mother I was because, although I worked full time, was in school full time, and was raising a teenager, an autistic first-grader, and a four-year-old at the time, although I only slept two hours on a good night, and although I was in the middle of nasty court battles and press interviews, I was unable to stay caught up on laundry or dishes. Instead of getting mad, I started laughing. The more she went on, the harder I laughed. She finally stormed out in huff and slammed the door to her room. This caused me to laugh even harder. She has never forgiven me for this.
Yesterday I babysat for her since the baby's daddy was too busy hanging out with his buddies, and forgot to come home in time for her to go to work. I had a good laugh when I got there. Witness the evidence.....

I did clean the kitchen while I was there. This is the normal situation at her apartment, and I can understand. I just think it's funny. Here's to her own daughter throwing it her face in about 12 years.

In knitting news, I finally took a picture of my sweater, and a cabled cap I made from Knitty last year that I had totally forgotten about until I was cleaning out my closet. Took the pictures with my phone, as my real camera has died. When I get my tax refund, first item on the list a a new camera. Anyway....

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