Thursday, February 08, 2007

Long Time, No Post

I wonder sometimes how people blog every day. Seems like I make a semi-annual post, and that's about it.

Well, school's over. I'm done, even though I didn't get to graduate. I was in the hospital the last two weeks of school, so I missed all f my finals and have to re-do a class. The instructor wouldn't let me take an incomplete. So I have to re-do the whole class, including 24 clinicals days that I had finished. No. I'm just done. Also found out that the school lost their accreditation, so it is questionable if I would have been allowed to sit for boards anyway. I am taking this semester off, while shopping around for another school.

My autistic daughter is now being homeschooled. This is actually working out well for us, since she learns best at night. She has really taken off in math and reading. Wish I'd done this sooner. My youngest is still thriving at school, though today she is home with the crud that everyone else has. My eldest is working two jobs, her significant other is a complete ass who won't get off his lazy behind, and the baby is doing great.

Also, I've been officially divorced since December 1st!!!! Though this has had no bearing on my love life (or lack thereof) it's good to know that I'm free from "him" forever.

On the knitting front, I just completed the "Subway Cable" sweater from The Yarn Girls Guide to Beyond the Basics. It is being washed as I type, so I will post pics as soon as it's out. I completely frogged the Celtic Knot sweater, and rescued the yarn for this one. I made the sleeves about an inch longer than called for in the pattern, as I am tall and I like my sleeved to come down to the middle of my hand. I am still working on the blue fuzzy-cuff sweater. It is what I knit during Lost, and since that show just came back from a 13-week hiatus, it has finally seen some light from the bottom of the knitting basket. I need to find a project to work on during Heroes. Maybe a kitted tee with the Superman logo on the front? Or maybe with Wonder Woman's logo? Or perhaps I'll make a pattern with my favorite childhood superhero - Ultraman!!!

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