Monday, December 26, 2005

Back to the Grindstone

I actually enjoyed being back at work today - only two babies were born on Christmas Day, meaning I only had two babies to test. I cleaned my office, did a bunch of paperwork, and generally enjoyed not being at home. The weather has been terrible, and with the sick child now feeling better, the kids are going nuts pinned up in the house. And they are overwhelmed with all the new stuff they got for Christmas. Most of the day they have apparently been fighting over the keyboard and guitar.

Tomorrow I hope to knit some more on the alien scarf. I took my DVD player to work, and so I'm going to spend my lunch hour knitting and watching LoTR. I hope to have the scarf finished before I start back to school on the 6th.

The kids go back on the 4th. I can't wait.

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