Thursday, September 22, 2005

Broadband a-go-go......

My modem has officially died. So I'm sitting here at school trying to catch up on my email and stuff. The provider should be out sometime next week to figure out what's going on, as this is the second modem I've burned through in less than a month.

It's funny, but when my connection is great, I don't seem to spend much time on-line, but when I'm on a lousy connection, like the dial-up I have at home, (best speed to date-30.2) I think of about a million things I need to look up, do, etc. and the slowness frustrates me so much I can never do them.

I have three tests this week, so not alot of knitting going on. Still working on the sleeve for my daughter's sweater, but alas, no pics since I'm here at school.

I'm now in the phase where I'm looking for my next project. I'm going to do a sweater for my middle child, same pattern, then I dunno. I'm thinking about actually doing something for myself (gasp!).

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