Thursday, September 08, 2005

Spamming the Blogs

While perusing my little piece of heaven here, I noticed that I had a spam comment. So I turned on word verification. I think this is a pain in the ass, but I had to do it. I mean, not many people visit me here, but when I get a comment, I want a real comment, you know?

Basically I'm just killing time while here at school - brought my knitting but forgot to bring my needle case. I have been using the Denise needles, and they are great. But I need to put the half of the sweater I've already finished on a holder, and I don't have anything with me.

Today we took about a dozen cans of powdered formula to school for the Katrina victims. My kids' school is taking up stuff, so I let everyone at work know. The formula rep brought in tons of formula samples. He's bringing in more tomorrow too. Baby is breastfed, so we also sent along all the bottles and formula we had received for her.

Looks like it's time to go back into class. Then to work, then home. I can;t wait till this week is over.

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