Friday, September 30, 2005

The Next Big Event

October 18 is the big day, we get the new Series of Unfortunate Events book. We won a free copy of it at the Potter Party's costume contest. Now, of course, my kids expect me to make them Baudelaire outfits for the Snicket Party. Nope. Not going to happen.

They keep tempting me though. My oldest daughter got a bunch of patterns on sale last week and pointed out that if I dressed in a particular Gibson Girl dress I could look like Aunt Josephine. Baby could go as Sunny. My eldest would go as Violet (of course). My youngest wants to go as the Quagmire girl, and my middle one wants to be Uncle Monty.

"Mom, all you'd have to do is dress the baby in one of our old christening gowns. Sunny always wore long dresses in the books. And I could wear a lab coat and take a rubber snake. "

"Mom, I'll help you sew everything. I know the pattern has three million seven pieces, but I'm home all day with the baby. I know I didn't have time to take a shower today and the sewing machine is buried under a mountain of baby laundry, but I could do it if you could help me find the machine and watched the baby for me."

"Mom, I could also use the costume for Halloween, and I could be Violet for Halloween, or maybe Princess Jasmine if you want to make me a Jasmine costume too because I don't like the one they have at the store because it itches and also I don't have dark hair so I would have to wear a wig for that and if I was one of the triplet girls from the book nobody really knows what color her hair is and then I could also wear the dress to church or even for picture day and...." (I must admit that at this point I shook my head and walked away. I'm sure my youngest daughter has already set the world record for the longest run-on sentence spoken without taking a breath, but frankly I'm just too tired to try to find out.)

Today I'm skipping school and taking a trip to the yarn store. I know, bad me, but honestly, I deserve some yarn. I'm making myself a shawl/shrug/thing to throw on around the house and snuggle up in. Yes, I said myself. And I want some yummy yarn to make it with. Estimated date of completion on this item: sometime around the birth of my first great-great grandchild.

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