Monday, September 13, 2004

Hi ho, hi ho.....

Yep, off to work today. And the kiddies are all at school so I am enjoying a few minutes of peace and quiet while they are not here. Watching the Today Show, and Matt was grilling Kitty Kelley, now Sharon Bush. It was good to see him going after somebody anti-Bush for a change. Though now he's going after Sharon. Whatever. Still trying to get a yard sign, but our local RNC headquarters keeps running out of them. My daughter called the Kerry campaign, they have plenty. She takes this as a good sign. Though my 6yr old supports Kerry. When asked why she responds "because nobody likes him and I want him to have at least one friend." I told her that it's her right in this country to support whatever candidate she wants, for whatever reason, but in the future perhaps she should consider other issues too. Of course this goes right over her head and she just smiles at me and runs off to play Barbies.

Planning on taking the socks of doom to work with me today in case we have a light patient load (quite likely on a Monday). I HAVE to get these things finished!!! It has taken me longer to knit this one sock that the first pair. After this I want to knit a shawl or something light, and airy. Something with lots of color and texture. Something NOT gray.

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