Thursday, September 16, 2004

The Lights are On...

And it's good to be home. It's windy here , and wet. And we were without power for about two hours, but not too bad here. And yep, I did have to stay at work till 3, then drive home in all the crap. Just in time for the lights to go out and freak out my kids. So we haven't had dinner yet, though tonight I'm just doing salads and hot dogs. I just sat on the couch and knitted on the sock of doom for awhile. Tomorrow is payday, and I'm hoping to find some fabric for the Hogwarts robe. My oldest daughter is embroidering a patch for the robe.

Other than that I'm inexplicably tired and the kids are watching Spy Kids. They keep breaking into the programming to say, basically, "it's still raining." Gee. Never would have guessed. Oh, here they go again. Still no word if there's school tomorrow.

My mom's neighbor across the street now has a tree in his living room. Other than that everyone I know is still safe, and I pray it stays that way.

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