Sunday, September 12, 2004

Random Thoughts

Went to church last night, and of course watched the 9/11 tribute on T.V. Weird how quick everything in this country has gotten back to "normal", how we are bickering over the stupid stuff again. The thing that gripes me the most is the news constantly saying how we have reached over 1000 casualties in the War on Terror. Sorry, that number was reached, threefold, on a beautiful September morning three years ago. My little ones are just now old enough to understand a little of what happened, they don't remember it. My oldest remembers, and it will probably be the defining event of her lifetime like the Challenger disaster was for us who were around in the 80's.

Church was OK, but way too loud. I like going Saturday night, not as many people there. But you really notice they have the volume cranked ALL THE WAY UP. I have worried about the volume in Children's Church before too. I will have to speak to somebody. Since truth comes by hearing, we don't need the band to deafen us before the service even begins. Now don't get me wrong, I like a lively praise and worship service, this is nothing new to me or my kids. It's just so incredibly loud at this church. Honestly, it was painfully loud and my ears were still ringing an hour after I got home.

Going to be sewing tonight, just badges on Brownie vests. Hope to get the carpet put back down today too, as the leak is fixed and the water has all been dried up. Tuesday I hope to clean the carpet and maybe even scrub the bathroom floors. Also by then I should be able to go do some grocery shopping as my food stamps have been approved and should be good to go Monday. As ashamed as I feel to be on food stamps, we need to eat.

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