Thursday, September 16, 2004

Ivan visits L.A. (cont.)

Ivan comes to visit. Posted by Hello

Looks like it wasn't as bad as they said it would be - thank God!!! But my kids are still home today - we're expecting thunderstorms this afternoon. No major flooding, maybe a tornado, but only a chance of one. Not a big deal. I think my theory about jealous waterman was right.

I conked out while working on my sock last night - I finished to top cuff and contrast colors, started back on the gray. At least it matches the sky today. Anyway, I woke up on the couch about an hour ago tangled in yarn (thank you kittens) and realized I had fallen asleep watching the news a little over an hour after I last logged on and posted. So much for not sleeping.

I did have over 20 patients yesterday - guess I was tired after all. I have been called in this morning, just seeing the patients who are going home tonight or early tomorrow. What really sucks is the other girl who does my job has no kids, and lives closer to the hospital than I do. But she's too scared to drive in the weather if it gets bad. So that leaves me. Mom of three kids. Farther away. It sucks. Of course I could refuse, but then I'd have a crap load of paperwork to explain why these patients didn't get seen, not to mention the trouble from administration I'd get. It's just not worth it. I'll be home before the projected noon-time bad weather (thunderstorms) hit. Goody for me.

Well, as my whole day is shot to hell, guess I'll go ahead and go on into work.

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