Friday, August 20, 2004


The weather is really gross here today. Rain all day and tomorrow. And I have to work (of course) this weekend. I really don't mind working when it's raining - I have to be inside all day anyhow. But when it rains on the weekend and I'm working it means that my kids are trapped inside all day while I'm gone and they are so hyper when I get home.

Last night my younger kids had their first ever ballet class. They really loved it, but my youngest claimed that she was sore in her arms and legs this morning. My middle child was walking around like a zombie, and fell asleep in the car on the way to school. But they both had a great time. I'm just really glad that they can do this, as my oldest has gotten a job working at the from desk at the dance school, and so their tuition is free.

I took my knitting with me (of course) and got a few comments from people about they didn't have time to knit. But listening to these moms talk, it seems like they have all kinds of time for knitting, if nothing else. I felt so inadequate listening to them chat with each other. Most of the girls are not only in ballet, but also tap and jazz. A few of them are also in gymnastics. They are all playing soccer and softball and take swimming lessons. A few are even in basketball. And several of them are in Girl Scouts. My God!!!! When are the girls allowed to be little girls? When do they ever see their families? My kids have scouts, church, and now ballet. And that is more than enough. And how do these people afford all this? They could each feed a small third-world country with all the fees and stuff they have to pay, not to mention equipment and all the other stuff you have to cough up. And all the time those moms spend waiting at games, lessons, etc. Seems like they could at least pick up a couple of needles and yarn and make something. I usually enjoy waiting for my kids, I knit in the library during scouts, I knit in the car waiting to pick them up from school. I carry my knitting with me wherever I go so that if I steal a few minutes I can knit a few rows.

My oldest takes her first ballet class in 5 years tonight. She used to be really into it, dancing in competitions and ballets at the civic center. She was such a beautiful dancer, and really loved it. But when I became single again she quit. The trauma associated with the split, as well as finances, made it impossible for her to continue. Now she feels ready to go back. We are starting with just a regular ballet class, and when she's limbered back up she'll join the pointe class. It's so good to see her excited about something, to see her doing something. I feel like my daughter's home after a 5-year absence, and the sulky brat that inhabited her room during that time has left. Of course, working at the studio has probably helped too. I'm just glad she's happy, and that she's doing something.

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