Tuesday, August 17, 2004

It's Done (well, almost)

All I have left to do on the vest is sew up the sides, block it again, and then I'm done!!!! Hooray!!!! I am doing the seams right now, while I read and wait for stuff to load.

Net I'll tackle the last arm on the Celtic knot sweater, then on to new projects. I did have several things in the basket, but I vowed to get them all done and cleared out so that I wouldn't feel so guilty. I'm a great starter, but a terrible finisher. My daughter, on the other hand, will stick with a project from cast on till finish, without picking up, or hardly looking at, anything else. All that's sitting in her knitting basket right now is a beg from Hobby Lobby containing a bunch of Peaches'n Cream yarn she's using to make purses with. She's selling them at school, hoping to buy a car and fix it up.

We found a Maxima yesterday for $100, only problem is it has a cracked head. Normally this would be a huge problem, but her bf will be working an a garage when he gets back from basic training, customizing racing cars. So he has the know-how, and can come up with the equipment. And is it doesn't work out, well then she's only out $100 since her bf is paying for everything else. He's actually really looking forward to it, as this is a big hobby for him. I just hope he has time what with work and school.

Off to work now, for the first time in 8 days. God, I'm dreading this.....

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