Monday, August 16, 2004

Home Sweet Home

Well, my daughter is FINALLY home. She spent the night in the hospitality room in Atlanta, and they fed her, and put her on a plane this morning, and now she's here. Yay! She even met another knitter on the plane and they bemoaned to inability to bring their knitting on the plane.

I finished one arm of the vest, doing the k3p1, and went ahead and put the stripes on too. It actually looks pretty good. Now I wish I'd done the neck edge in this pattern, but since it's only for a Halloween Costume I won't bother ripping it all out. I will however do that next time I make one of these vests or sweaters from the same pattern.

Now I'm off to pick up my friend from Nashville, and she's staying the night with me since her mom is going to have surgery today. She'll pick her up in the morning and stay a few days. It'll be good to have some adult conversation for at least a few hours. And then it's back to work tomorrow. I've had 8 straight days off, and I really HATE HATE HATE to go back. Wish I could just quit.

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