Tuesday, August 24, 2004


While cleaning yesterday I decided that I hated the way my living room was, so I totally rearranged it. I got all the furniture and stuff moved fairly quickly, but then realized that the speakers would have to be hooked up again, and so I had to pull up the carpet (around the edges) and untangle all the wires, move the speakers, and then hook them back up, hid the wires again, etc. It took me two hours to get them hooked back up and working properly. Our stereo system is so old I think it was featured on the Flintstones. But, hey, it still works.

All this started when I moved the couch to see what my kids had stuffed under it. There were lots of socks, a bowl, three plates, various flatware, two cups, some leggos, and a chunk of asphalt. After I got all that cleaned up, I realized I liked the couch better in the place I moved it to, and so I re-did the whole room. Now I am totally exhausted and still have tons of cleaning to do before Friday.

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