Monday, August 23, 2004

Inspection Time (again)

I was notified this morning that my apartment is being inspected on Friday because my neighbors are complaining of a "funny smell" coming from my apartment. I don;t doubt this, as the lake in my hall continues to spread, the landlord won't fix it, and now we hare having a mold problem too. Everyone in the house is sick. Personally, I can't wait for inspection. The house isn't too messy, and I need this leak problem to be fixed.

Last night at about 1am new neighbors moved in a cross the hall. Now there is an oven in the breezeway in addition to the big pile of old carpet that is out there. I'm just hoping and praying that all that is still there when the inspector comes. Apparently he is from HUD or the health department or something.

Last night my oldest daughter began a video chronicle of the problems we are having. I'm hoping that if the inspection proves fruitless to get a lawyer and get this taken care of. We had to close an entire floor of the hospital when mold was found in one of the bathrooms, and they had to strip out ALL the bathrooms on that floor, the one above,and the one below to take care of it. It was quite a mess. But this mold stuff can be dangerous and I have an asthmatic child. This has been going on since May and it's getting ridiculous.

My socks are going nowhere right now, as I'm busy making sure everything is clean and that the lake in the hall is obvious. I tore up all the carpet in the hall and rolled it back in the bedrooms, put down towels to block the flow, and am taking pictures of it.

Tonight after Brownies I hope to finish painting my room and maybe after that I can finally turn the heel on the sock.

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