Sunday, August 15, 2004

Don't Drink the H2O

Found out today at church that two of my friends from work are pregnant. One of them with twins. As I've had this past week off, I'm sort of out of the "news" loop. You cold have knocked me over with a feather when I found out. Honestly, I think every fertile woman within a 40-mile radius is pregnant. Or has recently delivered.

So now I have 3 more baby blankets to make. I usually pawn them off on my oldest child, who is a much better (and faster) knitter than I am, but with school and all now she just won't have the time. At least I have seven months until these kids pop. I'm sure I can crank out three blankets in seven months. Add these two to the three friends who delivered last month, and the four the month before that, and I'm really scared to drink the water at work and church.

Some bad news, found out that my financial aid has been suspended. I've got too many credit hours at the school I'm attending, even though most of those were obtained 10+ years ago before I went into nursing. Guess I'll have to look into other schools now. Oh well, something's sure to turn up. I can't have come this far just to hit a wall now.

Guess I'll go take a little nap while the kids are outside playing with the new neighbors. One of my buddies who go married and moved away is coming back into town for a few days and I'm hoping to spend a little time with her this evening.

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